Episode 7

How to Always Act 35 Years Old

They say 35 is the perfect age in a career. You've experienced enough to have plenty of wisdom, but youthful enough to be in tune with the latest trends. We contemplate how to always act 35, regardless of your age.

Episode 6

Young Professionals and the Importance of Mental Health

Many young people do not take enough care toward their mental health. We discuss how we've approached this area to improve professional effectiveness, and how and why other young professionals should, too.

Episode 5


We posit that if you have an idea for a software startup, your first move should not be to build the software application. Instead, there are three things you ought to do first.

Episode 4

Differences Between Gen X and Millennial Entrepreneurs

We discuss what motivates the two generations that makeup the bulk of today's workforce, how they're different, and how they can work together to achieve startup success.

Episode 3

Where the Best Startup Ideas Come From

We discuss where the best startup ideas come from and conclude that startups should be their first customer; solving one's own problem is the starting point of most great startup success stories.

Episode 2

What's Taught in a CS Degree

We discuss what is taught in University Computer Science programs and conclude that more creative-minded people ought to enroll in CS programs, but learn the material in a different order than it's currently taught.

Episode 1

Where to Start Learning How to Code

We discuss where to start your journey to learn to code. Whether you're interested in changing careers, building an app, creating a website, or just curious, you'll have clear direction forward after listening to this podcast.